Dish / Sling TV Stock Rise on ZEE TV Exclusive


Internet streaming television service Sling TV owned by Dish Network announced a huge deal, many parts of it exclusive to the two carriers, to carry over 30 Zee TV channels on Sling TV.

Sling TV has gained over 700k subs since it’s launch, streaming American channels live such as ESPN and CNN.  With the new international channels expect Sling TV sub counts to jump and continue upward.

Sling TV Getting Viacom Channels “Soon”


Viacom and Dish Network reached a carriage agreement that would prevent a carriage dispute between the two companies.  Things apparently went so well that Sling TV, Dish’s streaming internet service, will “soon” get “select” Viacom channels.

There is a surprising amount of questionable reporting on this topic.  The only thing that is for sure known at this time is the channels will be added to both the single stream and multi stream packages.  We also know that not all 18 Viacom channels will be added.

People are reporting that Nick and other major key channels maybe missing, but we know that it could be CMT Pure Country that actually ends up missing.  Remember Dish only confirmed a few channels by name and everything else is speculation at this time.

Sling TV – New service, and old service! Now with Fox Channels


Sling TV is offering two DIFFERENT $20 packages to choose from (you are encouraged to only pick 1 then add on $5/mo packs but can pick both).

The new $20/mo package is basically the same as the old except that the Disney channels are replaced with Fox channels and you can stream up to 3 live streams at the same time (as opposed to 1 stream at a time limit that the Disney/ESPN package offers).

Also Fox means actually Fox (or Fox On Demand in some cities) but Disney doesn’t include ABC with the classic $20/mo package.

2 problems.  No Fox News Channel yet available despite the Fox contract.  And no ability for people locked into a “contract” or prepaid for 3 months to get their free roku 2 to switch to the beta multi-stream package until monthly billing starts.

Confused?  It took me 10 minutes or more to really understand it too.  Their website will help at

Want a 4K Blu-Ray Player? Now Available for $399


Samsung is ready to release its 4K Blu-Ray player that will play back content in full uncompressed 4K/UHD resolution. Unfortunately it has a lot of competition from streaming services like Netfilx. Customers can get a Roku 4 with 4K capabilities right now for only $129.

Getting customers to commit to a $399 box when they can get one for $129? That will be tough. People are already used to streaming Netflix and other streaming services through smart TV’s, Roku’s, game consoles, and other methods. So it is a natural progression to just use these systems for 4K video. Unfortunately many of the devices are not 4K ready yet. With time that will change.

So does this new box and format have a chance? It will be something people who want the highest quality picture will want, or people who want 4K but don’t have fast enough internet. We will have to wait and see.

CES 2016 is underway!


CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2016 is now underway. This is the biggest gadget and tech product conference in the world. It happens every January in Las Vegas, Nevada and has thousands of companies display their newest and best products.

Some of the themes this year are virtual reality, ultra-thin laptops and internet of things devices. The TV industry has decided this is the year of 4K/Ultra HD TV’s. They are always trying to get people to upgrade their TV’s on a shorter interval. People are happy to keep their TV’s for 5+ years, so the industry needs to keep finding new ways to sell them more often. It was 3D TV’s a couple years ago, and now it is 4K/Ultra HD TV’s.

Amazon Pilot season is here with 12 new pilots


Amazon pilot “season” is here again, which means there are a bunch of new shows you can stream via Prime Instant Video for free — their first episodes or pilot. The dozen includes a handful of animated shows to full fledged network quality shows.

You can help pick which ones get picked up supposedly, but I wouldn’t get to into the process if I were you because last season a group of celebs started helping their friend’s pilot which seems to have disappeared even with their social media help and push to vote yes on the pilot.

Hulu is on fire


It was fun for years for annalists, pundits, and of course the ever present negative nancy the bloggers to say Hulu was on the brink of disaster and would never last.

These folks viewed Hulu with great skepticism, but I was never in their camp and always viewed their skepticism with skepticism.

I knew they had all the newest content from broadcasters and much from cable for free.  I knew they were owned by three of the largest content providers in the world.  I knew that the $7.99/mo from Hulu Plus was actually pretty high but everyone viewed as low, since Comcast with their Streampix or Streamflix I forget since I quit Comcast a few years ago, but their Netflix / Hulu competitor is just $4.99/mo but only can be added onto Comcast bills.


So anyway I was right it looks like, that Hulu is here to stay, and it appears they might even become the big dog of the streaming services.  Might, that is.

Let’s look at what they lined up for me to say that bold statement.

They got Seinfeld of course.


They now are the home for new episodes of The Mindy Project.


They scored a deal away from Netflix, giving Hulu Plus subscribers unlimited access to the entire Epix library (including the naughty “late night” films).  A $5 to $10 month value.


And they now have all the Southpark Episodes most of which you can’t find anywhere else.



Not to mention they still are home of the massive broadcaster new content dumping ground for free viewing on any laptop in America.

Now you can go commercial free for just a few more bucks a month.

So anyone still saying Hulu might not survive.  It’s starting to sound like you don’t do your research before re-stating things that were questionable years ago even.

It’s Official – ATT & DirecTV now one


Today the ads are in full swing promoting ATT & DirecTV as one company finally.

To start things off they are offering a 4 TV and 4 smart phone bundle for $200mo for the first 12 months.  The small print said additional fees may apply and basically expect a big price jump in 12 months.  But if you are looking for for a cheap plan for television and wireless this may be perfect for you.

Remember when, not that long ago, ATT was selling unlimited wireless phone (no texting or data), for $199mo.  So compared to wireless rates just a decade ago this is a steal!