How to stream live tv, sports, and news? Cord cutter’s ultimate easy to understand guide.


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Main cable replacement package options :

Sling TV – – starting at $20/mo for 30+ channels, close to 100 add on channels in mini packages available, dvr 50 hours $5/mo

DirecTV Now – – starting at $35/mo for 50+ channels, more than double the channels for double the price ($70/mo), dvr coming soon, limited device support at this time, horrible bugs at this time

Fubo TV – – $34.99/mo for XX channels, heavily focused on soccer fans that speak english, extremely limited dvr with upgrades planned, extremely weak app

Playstation Vue – – $29.99 for XX channels ($39.99/mo in markets with all local channels available), upgrade to top tier +$15/mo (hbo/sho extra), free dvr but shows delete after 28 days

Hulu – – $39.99/mo for XX channels, no upgrades available to key channels like Cooking Channel or FXX but if you want a limited number of channels it works, dvr doesn’t let you skip commercials unless you pay $14.99/mo extra which gives you extra hours of storage as well

Top add ons to cable replacement packages :


Youtube Red


Amazon Prime

Hulu On Demand Only

Missing channel replacement :

CBS All Access

Stingray Music Service (50+ music chocie style, commercial free audio channels)
More, see




The Blaze TV

Hulu On Demand Limited


[deal alert] 2 BONUS Free Games With Gold This Week Only


Tekken Tag tournament 2 ($19.99 value) is FREE this week for Gold members.  Also the Xbox One game LIMBO is free this week ($9.99 value) for Gold members.

These games are in addition to the regular games with gold here is how you get them :
– log in to the site
– search for these 2 games
– click purchase or download (check to make sure it still says $0.00)
– they will automatically download to your consoles

Tekken Tag tournament 2 is backwards compatible so it will be playable on both your 360 and Xbox One.

Microsoft Says “No” to Xbox One DVR


Microsoft has long promised TV DVR functionality to their Xbox One user base. It included the ability to pause live TV and schedule programs for recording. It was to be done through their existing TV Tuner adapter that takes TV antenna signals and allows them to be viewed on the Xbox One.

Here is what Microsoft said about the situation:

“After careful consideration, we’ve decided to put development of DVR for Over-the-Air TV on hold to focus our attention on launching new, higher fan-requested gaming experiences across Xbox One and Windows 10. We’re always listening to fan feedback and we look forward to bringing more requested experiences on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Xbox Live this year.”

This comes as a slap in the face to loyal Xbox One owners who have been looking forward to this feature. I know people who have held off on buying a DVR because they thought their Xbox One would have that functionality. Hopefully in its place Microsoft adds some new great gaming features as they mention.

APB Reloaded Hits Xbox One Now


Ever wished you could play cops vs. robbers with your friends as adults and be cool doing it?

Ever wished for a GTA massive multiplayer?

APB Reloaded on Xbox One may be exactly what you are looking for.  Play as either a Cop or Robber in a massive 50 vs. 50 open environment match.

They are using the Freemium model meaning you can play with your friends tonight.  All they need is an Xbox One, no need to talk them into also paying $49.99 to $99.99 for a new release game.  Much like the other free games on Xbox you can actually play most everything free and earn most everything free.

Dish / Sling TV Stock Rise on ZEE TV Exclusive


Internet streaming television service Sling TV owned by Dish Network announced a huge deal, many parts of it exclusive to the two carriers, to carry over 30 Zee TV channels on Sling TV.

Sling TV has gained over 700k subs since it’s launch, streaming American channels live such as ESPN and CNN.  With the new international channels expect Sling TV sub counts to jump and continue upward.

Spotify Claims Apple & Google Music Streaming Services Help Them


Spotify VP Johnathan Forster says Apple’s streaming music service and Google’s are helping them too.  He says Apple is “raising the profile of streaming”.

With 30,000,000 paid accounts Spotify is doing very well …  which makes me wonder why they offered such an aggressive free trail of 3 whole months for most Starbucks rewards customers.

Google hooked me with their new YouTube Red service which includes unlimited audio streaming through Google Play as well.  At $9.99/mo for commercial free music videos snapped on the side of my Xbox One games is worth it alone for me.  So I turned down the Spotify offer because I am happy with the service I have now from Google/Youtube.

It is great that Spotify can grow despite Apple music moving in on it’s turf.  I am not sure though at this time if Spotify should be “happy” about Apple and Google being music streamers.

Sling TV Getting Viacom Channels “Soon”


Viacom and Dish Network reached a carriage agreement that would prevent a carriage dispute between the two companies.  Things apparently went so well that Sling TV, Dish’s streaming internet service, will “soon” get “select” Viacom channels.

There is a surprising amount of questionable reporting on this topic.  The only thing that is for sure known at this time is the channels will be added to both the single stream and multi stream packages.  We also know that not all 18 Viacom channels will be added.

People are reporting that Nick and other major key channels maybe missing, but we know that it could be CMT Pure Country that actually ends up missing.  Remember Dish only confirmed a few channels by name and everything else is speculation at this time.