APB Reloaded Hits Xbox One Now


Ever wished you could play cops vs. robbers with your friends as adults and be cool doing it?

Ever wished for a GTA massive multiplayer?

APB Reloaded on Xbox One may be exactly what you are looking for.  Play as either a Cop or Robber in a massive 50 vs. 50 open environment match.

They are using the Freemium model meaning you can play with your friends tonight.  All they need is an Xbox One, no need to talk them into also paying $49.99 to $99.99 for a new release game.  Much like the other free games on Xbox you can actually play most everything free and earn most everything free.

Doom Open Beta Starts April 15th

The new game looks pretty awesome to me.  There are some players that don’t like the fact that it feels more like Halo in play style than the original Doom felt.  That may have something to do with the fact that they used the same game studio that helped Microsoft design the multiplayer portion of Halo 4 to design the multiplayer for the new Doom.

Anyway if you just can’t wait, Xbox 360 versions of 2 original Doom installments can be purchased on your Xbox One.  And here is a video to tide you over or maybe get you even more ready.

Are the console wars over? Xbox vs. Playstation?

Xbox-One-and-PS4.jpgAre the console wars over?  Pretty much.  Nintendo years ago pulled out and said have ours next to one of the “big guys or main guys” despite back then having more Wii’s in the world than any competitor had sold.

Nintendo continues this approach of being a Mario console to set next to your main console.  But now for all but the most casual of players, you need all 3 consoles, if you are a game player.

That being said I have only 1 current gen console, the Xbox One, but thanks to Street Fighter 5 only being on PS4, I have to eventually buy the PS4.  I literally went to the arcade in the 90’s everyday for a year or 2 straight as a teenager so SF5 is something I want.

But Halo 5 is my favorite game ever.  I clock more time with it than anything else and it of course is a Microsoft exclusive.

Buying 3 consoles?  You may say that is over spending, you may be right, but gamers for ages have been willing to spend thousands for a gaming PC or laptop and all 3 current gen consoles combined cost about the same as a standard PC…  and less than a gaming laptop or apple laptop (which the later won’t play many games of course).

Plus PS4 and Xbox One will give you 2 free games every month just for paying the nominal fee for Live services.  These are often clocking in at a $29.99 or $39.99 savings every two weeks, per console if you have both consoles!


Microsoft basically just made this official the other day by publicly offering Nintendo and PlayStation to have their Live services work with Xbox and PC titles.  Sony’s response was not yes, but far more importantly didn’t even come close to resembling a no.

Great News For Xbox One Fans About Backward Compatibilty


When the backwards compatible program was announced by Microsoft everyone cheered, and expected their Halo and GTA Xbox 360 game to work soon on their shiny new Xbox One.

Then a groan was collectively given when people saw the initial list, while impressive at over a 100 titles to start, with the exception of some Gears of War titles everything was a small simple game.

Things have changed a bit since then, as Microsoft has already so aggressively promoted the program that many people are now expecting more classic AAA tittle to be made available.  But we now know for sure they plan on this.

The other day we finally saw confirmation that Microsoft is working on bigger titles that likely are just taking longer to finish.  Halo Wars, a full fledged AAA, big file size title was just added to the program (at the moment only for Xbox One Preview members) soon for everyone.

As someone that owns the digital copy on my Xbox 360 I am excited to hear it will now work on my main console!  And excited about the future of the Backwards Compatible program going forward.

Titanfall 2 Will Finally Feature a Campaign Mode


Titanfall for Xbox One and Xbox 360 was a unique and fun take on the classic first person shooter. It featured titans you could climb in to and control. It is a game I enjoyed using, but it’s limitation was that it didn’t offer a single player campaign mode.

This has left a sour taste in the mouths of gamers who pay the price to get a single player and multiplayer game. Other games like Star Wars Battlefront have also taken this approach to a negative response from gamers. With games like Destiny with rich story modes it is hard to accept a multiplayer only game these days, especially for $60.

Thankfully Titanfall 2 will feature a single player campaign! Hopefully they will include a co-op option so you can play with your friends online. That would be a fun feature.

[Deal Alert] The Witcher 2 is Free on Xbox One


The game “The Witcher 2” is now free for those with an Xbox One. This game was just released as a backwards compatible game from the Xbox 360 and for a limited time Microsoft is giving it away for free.

The Witcher 2 has the sequel The Witcher 3 for Xbox One. I have been looking to try out The Witcher 3, but with the $40 price tag I have been hesitant to buy it. This is a perfect way to try the series out and see if I like it.

Link: Xbox.com

Xbox Backwards Compatibility Performance is Mixed


With more new games released to the Xbox One backwards compatibility system, there are reports coming in about the performance of these games. Many games run at full 1080p resolution without issue. Some even see a performance increase because of the new hardware it is running on. There are other games though with performance issues though that can seriously hinder the play.

Here are some of the games EuroGamer.net looked at:

Gears of War
Status: Playable, often with improved performance

Gears of War 2
Status: Playable with minor slowdown

Gears of War 3
Status: Playable with some performance issues

Gears of War Judgement
Status: Nearly unplayable due to severe performance drops

Halo Reach
Status: Nearly unplayable

Shadow Complex
Status: Almost perfect

Mass Effect
Status: Exploration and cut-scenes are improved while combat is a mess

Hydro Thunder
Status: Better on Xbox One

Assassin’s Creed 2
Status: Playable

Status: Perfect

Status: Perfect

Status: Improved on Xbox One

Rainbow Six Vegas
Status: Sub-optimal performance but still playable

As you can see it is mixed depending on the title. Although it is great Microsoft has enabled backwards compatibility, I would prefer to see them wait until the games look just as good as they did on the Xbox 360.


Xbox Backwards Compatible Updates

Xbox announced today rather than holding back back compat titles and releasing them in a group, they will now release titles as soon as they are ready to be play and released.

They are releasing a group they had been holding today.

The following games should be playable sometime today on your Xbox One if you own it for the 360 :