Google Allo is the Coming of the Chat Bots

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Google announced Google Allo at their Google I/O developer conference. Allo is a new messaging app that learns the phrases and reactions you have in your normal writing and gives suggestions as to what it thinks you will say next. For example, if someone says they had a long day, it could suggest a couple options like “Why is that?”, “What happened”, or something else. You could then just touch the option, then hit send. This would greatly speed up messaging and give you the ability to write basic responses to situations and questions.

I think this could be something that could be beneficial if it was built into Android, or at least would work with SMS text messaging. Right now it looks like it will just be a separate messaging app that would need to be downloaded. Then if you are having friends download an app with chat bots it would be obvious that sometimes you would be talking to a chat bot instead of a human. That probably wouldn’t be the best idea.

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