Sony Drops PS4 Price To $349


In Japan the price of the PS4 already dropped a while ago, but U.S. and Canadian buyers effective tomorrow will be getting price drops too.

For U.S. customers the cost will drop by $50 to $349.99 and the PS4 can be had in Canada for $429.99 down from $449.99.

Microsoft’s XBOX One is already at $349.99 for their 500gig hd version.  And just recently announced a 1TB hard drive version would be available soon for $399.99.  No word yet from Redmond about if they plan to drop the price of the Xbox One more or now be on par with PS4. Ditches Membership Fees

jet-com-boxes is already radically overhauling it’s business model.  Once promising huge savings with a membership, much like CostCo and Sam’s Club, just days after launching is dropping the membership fees altogether.

It would have been hard for them to compete with who was clearly gearing up for a big time battle with using Amazon Prime memberships to allow for a small Prime member only section called Prime Pantry to start.

For some reason the hype surrounding them is reminiscent of the .com era which is fun to watch again.  I believe you can order from with their membership and have been able to for years.

The New Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft


Microsoft is now taking pre-orders for the new Surface Pro 4.  Starting at just $899, the new Surface Pro 4 is 30% faster than the Surface Pro 3 and has a slightly larger screen.

They say that the Surface Pro 4 is 50% faster than the Mac Book Air.

It’s thinner and lighter than Surface Pro 3.

It comes with a pen (or stylus) with an “eraser” top allowing you to flip it over and erase stuff on screen just like a regular pencil.

It’s Official – ATT & DirecTV now one


Today the ads are in full swing promoting ATT & DirecTV as one company finally.

To start things off they are offering a 4 TV and 4 smart phone bundle for $200mo for the first 12 months.  The small print said additional fees may apply and basically expect a big price jump in 12 months.  But if you are looking for for a cheap plan for television and wireless this may be perfect for you.

Remember when, not that long ago, ATT was selling unlimited wireless phone (no texting or data), for $199mo.  So compared to wireless rates just a decade ago this is a steal!

Sprint Serious About It’s Network, 20 Billion Times Over


Sprint’s new owners have invested around $20 Billion dollars.  Far more multiples than the amount shown in the picture above to give a picture of how much they have spent and continue to invest.

Sprint believes the bandwidth they already own is sufficient though and has no plans to buy additional or possibly better bandwidth.

The good news is that customers are starting to notice the improvements, while enjoying deep discounts like the famous “cut your rate plan in half” plan, which allows new customers from ATT and Verizon to bring in their bill and Sprint will charge half.  Although expect a HUGE astrix attached to that offer if your bill is on the low side.

FCC Levies Fine At Sprint Over 6 Month 911 Outage

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Sprint was levied with a frankly seemingly small fine of $1,200,000 over it’s failure to maintain and provide 911 service for 6 months to the hearing impaired.  The company was found to be neglecting the Captioned Telephone Service, which effectively provides closed-captions for emergency calls.

It’s unclear how many people were actually effected.  The negligence appears to be due to an extreme lack of use of the system, meaning few people appear to have been effected, likely being the reason the FCC chose to levy such a small fine.

But to add insult to injury, Sprint did continue collecting the 911 surcharge which is supposed to pay for this service as well.

Time to allow texting 911 for help as an option as well.

Elon Musk Plans To Overcome Electric Car Range Limit Problems


What is really keeping the electric car down?  Besides price and lack of marketing …   travel range.

Elon Musk says he expects a 5-10% increase in battery life and quality each year for years to come.  Making a realistic 500 mile drive by the year 2020 doable.  If you can travel to near by cities and areas without a charge you may consider buying an electric car.

Now if only they can do something for us apartment / condo owners that don’t have a garage with electric outlets available.

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